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Lake George National Invitational Recap

Lake George National Invitational Recap

Featuring elite prospects across all 16 divisions, pure talent graced each of the Lake George National Invitational’s 15 playing fields this past weekend. 

With that being said, it’s time to take a look back at what transpired at PrimeTime Lacrosse’s most recent event.

Beginning with the 2022 AA Champion division, champion Carolina National slipped by Penguins Elite 4-3 in what was an intense title decider. 

With a stout average of about eight goals per game, Maine Mussels Green cruised to a 2022 A championship.

Despite each of its victories coming by three or less goals, team 802 2023 was crowned 2023 AA Champion after its 5-3 win over CT Valley Blue.

Finger Lakes LC’s high powered offense (8.4 goals per game) propelled it to a 2023 A Championship.

Rebels LC Surge left no doubt at the 2024 AA division championship, as it defeated CT Valley Blue 10-3.

Additionally, True Hawks blew by Unity by a score of 9-2 to claim the 2024 A championship.

As for the 2025 AA division, champion True National Black recorded a superb 16 goal differential throughout its title run.

In regards to wide scoring margins being sustained throughout the tournament, Harvest opened up a whopping 28 goal differential during its run to a 2025 A championship.

Moreover, champion True National 2026 Black recorded a stunning 31 goal differential throughout its 2026 AA division play.

Allowing just 7 goals in its four games, Penguins 2026 let its defense lead the way to a division championship.

True National 2027 Black averaged nearly nine goals per contest on its way to a 2027 AA title.

Boasting a goal differential of 20, Grizzly Lacrosse Club edged team Gorilla 5-4 in the 2027 A final.

True National Black capped off its tournament run, which featured a goal differential of 23, by defeating Akwesasne Thunder in the 2028 AA final.

On the other hand, team Harvest got off to a quick start and didn’t look back, as it defeated LI Tidal Rush 10-2 in the 2028 A championship.

Not to be overlooked, club Sweetlax Upstate made its name heard this past weekend as well, as its 2029 and 2030 teams cruised to respective division championships.