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Brawlin’ At The Beach


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University of Rhode Island

Brawlin' At The Beach

Boys Lacrosse Tournament

June 22nd & 23rd, 2024

University of RI, Kingston, RI

Boys Divisions

2025 - 2033


2025 - 2027 ($2300)
2028 - 2033 ($1900)

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About The Event

At PrimeTime Lacrosse, we focus on the details. We strive to make each one of the events we offer a world class, memorable experience for the whole family. Whether it be scheduling in family-friendly blocks so players can enjoy the surrounding area, offering shuttle rides for players and families from the parking lot to the fields, providing winners champion medals and banners at our Fall and Summer events, or as simple as having balls on the endlines all game long, we take every aspect of what truly makes and event a great experience into account. We consider ourselves to be in the hospitality business, and we know program directors, coaches, and families, have tons of lacrosse tournament, showcase, and camp options and we are obsessed with making sure our events are different from the rest. Our mission with each tournament and camp is to have every program director, coach, player, parent, sibling and college coach leave saying, “I can’t wait to come back!”