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Adidas All State Games


Bryant University, Smithfield, RI

Adidas All-State Games

Compete with the best.

August 5th & 6th, 2023

Bryant University, Smithfield, RI

Grad Years 2027-2030

Tryout: $105 | Event: $350

Adidas All State Games

The Adidas All State Games is the opportunity for top middle school lacrosse players to showcase their talents against other elite players from across North America. This event is invite only and players must attend an in person tryout in order to be selected. From those tryouts, the top boys players in the 2027-2030 classes will be selected to compete at Bryant University on August 5th and August 6th. Athletes who have started high school are not permitted to participate in the event. 

      • 5+ Games on August 5th & 6th
      • Skill Session / Practice run by NCAA Coaches
      • Your team coached by NCAA Coaches
      • Opportunity to be ranked as one of the top players in the 2027-2030 classes and have your highlights from the event featured on the Adidas All State Games and media partner pages
Adidas Lacrosse

Tryout for the Adidas All State Games Today

Join North America's Top Youth Players this Summer at Bryant University in Smithfield, RI

Tryouts Registration:

  • $105 (Players will receive an Adidas All State Games Reversible for the Tryout)
  • January 7th – Bryant University, Smithfield, RI
    • (2029 & 2030 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM | 2027 & 2028 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM)
  • February 18th – San Francisco, CA
  • March 11th – Baltimore, MD
  • March 19th – Newtown, CT
  • March 26th – Worcester, MA
  • April 1st – Atlanta, GA
  • April 16th – Albany, NY
  • April 29th – Denver, CO
  • May 7th – Philadelphia, PA
  • May 19th – Dallas, TX
  • June 10th – Virginia Beach, VA


Selection Process:

  • Players will be selected for the Adidas All State Games on a rolling basis in groups of 10 by position. Those players will have 1 week to register and secure their spot at the event before the next 10 players at those positions are invited
  • Teams limited to 2 goalies, 6 defensemen, 7 midfielders, 1 FO, 5 attack