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Refund Policy



All PrimeTime Lacrosse Tournaments registration can be done online by visiting each tournament’s page and clicking on the “Register Now” link. Team spots in each event will not be held without a deposit. All fees associated with an event can be paid online, but we also offer easy payment by phone or by check. Email [email protected] with any questions about events and registration.


At PrimeTime Lacrosse, we strive to have every team play competitive games all weekend long, and because of this, we do our best to offer each high school age division AA, and A brackets, and all youth division offer AA, A, and B brackets. AA is for top level elite teams, A is aimed towards select teams, and B is aimed towards town select programs and lower level club programs.

While we do our best to accommodate all scheduling requests, certain scheduling issues may occur such as a team dropping out from the event, which may require a team move between brackets to ensure the highest quality event. We aim to accommodate each and every team and program to the best of our ability, however, our tournament directors have final say in bracketing and scheduling. There will be no refunds for teams that are moved from one bracket to another i.e A to AA, AA to A, B to A, A to B.

Tournament Deposits / Team Cancellation:

• Tournament deposit amounts are non-refundable, and a paid deposit is the only way to guarantee a team spot is held in the event for your program. Cancellation of an entered team, will result in the forfeiture of the deposit amount and any additional paid registration fees.
• As a courtesy to all teams in our events, we aim to have our final schedule for each event released as early as possible. As a result of this, teams who have not fully paid their remaining balance by each event’s posted due date WILL NOT BE SCHEDULED FOR THE TOURNAMENT AND WILL ADDITIONALLY FORFIT ANY FEES ALREADY PAID FOR THE EVENT.
Tournament Cancellation:
Each event has costs associated with the tournament such as, facility rental, set-up costs, staffing costs, etc. that occur whether or not the event is cancelled due to weather. Each venue has final say on whether or not the event will be held and if the tournament is cancelled prior to the start of the event, 100% of the registration cost, less the deposit, will be credited toward a future PrimeTime Event.

Lightning / Weather Delays and Cancellations:

Before and after the event has started, PrimeTime Events, and our host facilities reserve the right to make schedule adjustments and changes as it pertains to the following:
• Changes in game duration / start times in accordance with lighting policy / heavy rain leading to unplayable fields.
• Pause games / end games as needed due to inclement weather. Depending on severity of the weather, games will either be resumed, or deemed final depending on how long play is halted.
• For severe weather related changes, no teams will be issued a refund for shortened / cancelled games once they have played two games. For teams who were unable to complete two games, a refund of the registration fee less deposit amount will be credited towards a future PrimeTime Event
Lightning Delay Policy:

In the event of inclement weather (Thunder is heard, or there has been a lightning strike reported within 10 miles of the facility), all staff will be informed, and the message relayed to all participating families, players and clubs. In the event there is such a delay, all tournament participants (vendors, staff, players, coaches, and families) must move indoors either to a surrounding building at the event, or to their vehicles. For safety reasons, no event participant is allowed to remain under any of the tents on-site. Play will resume 30 minutes after the last lightning strike and any schedule changes and modifications will be relayed to you and your coaches through email and posted on the event site as well.


All players are required to fill out an online waiver form prior to participation in any of our PrimeTime Events. If a player has not completed a waiver form, he or she will not be allowed to participate until an online waiver form is completed. A link to the waiver form will be sent out to both your club directors, as well as posted on each event page prior to the start of the tournament.


All sales are final and there will be no refunds for any individual events for any reason including camps, showcases, All State Games, and free agent opportunities. 

We highly recommend players purchase injury insurance through our Partner RegSaver and can see all of the information here — PLEASE NOTE: RegSaver only works if you purchase before an injury occurs.