October 2, 2017

3 v. 3 Winter League

PrimeTime Winter Indoor 3v3 League

3 v 3 League for Boys in Grades 2 – 8

Speed Lacrosse Official PartnerTwo Games per night, One Game night per week per team at the PrimeTime Sports Center, 5A Michigan Dr. Natick, MA

$150 (All players register as an individual and select up to four other players as teammates)

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speed lacrosse

3 v. 3 Lacrosse Action. No Positions, No Equipment, Hundreds of Touches per game make it the absolute BEST way to prepare for your Spring season.

2022/2023 division

Monday nights November 27th, December 4th, and 11th 

Semi-Finals and Championship- Monday December 18th

Week 1 Schedule (Monday, November 27th)

5:00pm – Lions vs. Tigers

5:30pm – Lions vs. Cheetahs

6:00pm – Tigers vs. Jaguars

6:30pm – Cheetahs vs. Jaguars

Week 2 Schedule (Monday, December 4th)

5:00pm – Lions vs. Jaguars

5:30pm – Tigers vs. Jaguars

6:00pm – Lions vs. Cheetahs

6:30pm – Tigers vs. Cheetahs

Week 3 Schedule (Monday, December 11th)

5:00pm – Lions vs. Tigers

5:30pm – Lions vs. Jaguars

6:00pm – Tigers vs. Cheetahs

6:30pm – Cheetahs vs. Jaguars

Week 4 (Playoff) Schedule (Monday, December 18th)

5:00pm – Seed #1 Jaguars vs. Seed #4 Cheetahs

5:30pm – Seed #2 Tigers vs. Seed #3 Lions

6:00pm – Consolation Game: Loser Game 1 vs Loser Game 2

6:30pm – Championship Game: Winner Game 1 vs Winner Game 2

2024/2025 division

Tuesday nights November 28th, December 5th, and 12th 

Semi-Finals and Championship- Tuesday December 19th

Week 1 Schedule (Tuesday, November 28th)

5:00pm – Hippos vs. Giraffes

5:30pm – Hippos vs. Elephants

6:00pm – Giraffes vs. Rhinos

6:30pm – Elephants vs. Crodiles

7:00pm – Rhinos vs. Crocodiles

Week 2 Schedule (Tuesday, December 5th)

5:00pm – Giraffes vs. Crocodiles

5:30pm – Hippos vs. Crocodiles

6:00pm – Giraffes vs. Elephants

6:30pm – Hippos vs. Rhinos

7:00pm – Elephants vs. Rhinos

Week 3 Schedule (Tuesday, December 12th)

5:00pm – Hippos vs. Elephants

5:30pm – Elephants vs. Crocodiles

6:00pm – Hippos vs. Rhinos

6:30pm – Giraffes vs. Crocodiles

7:00pm – Giraffes vs. Rhinos


Wednesday nights November 29th, December 6th and 13th 

Semi-Finals and Championship- Monday December 18th or Tuesday December 19th (TBD)

Week 1 Schedule (Wednesday, November 29th)

5:00pm – Walrusses vs. Barracudas

5:30pm – Walrusses vs. Eels

6:00pm – Barracudas vs. Whales

6:30pm – Eels vs. Whales

Week 2 Schedule (Wednesday, December 6th)

5:00pm – Barracudas vs. Eels

5:30pm – Barracudas vs. Whales

6:00pm – Walrusses vs. Eels

6:30pm – Walrusses vs. Whales

Week 3 Schedule (Wednesday, December 13th)

5:00pm – Walrusses vs. Barracudas

5:30pm – Walrusses vs. Whales

6:00pm – Barracudas vs. Eels

6:30pm – Eels vs. Whales


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