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Bulldog Brawl (6/22 + 6/23, 2019)

Rhode Island Lacrosse Tournament at Bryant University, Smithfield, RI | High School and Youth Spring/Summer Lacrosse Tournament near Providence, RI/Boston, MA

The Bulldog Brawl, Rhode Island’s premier lacrosse tournament, is now open for registration for our summer 2019 event!


2018 Bulldog Brawl Results

Bulldog Brawl Waiver

Bulldog Brawl Field Map

Bulldog Brawl Rules, Tiebreakers and Championship Format

Bulldog Brawl Roster Form

Bulldog Brawl Confirmed College Coaches

Pre-Order Event Apparel

Order Event Game Film (Use Code “primetime10” for 10% off)

Recruiting Information Form (To Be Completed by Participating HS Players)



Bryant Lacrosse Tournament | Rhode Island Lacrosse Tournament | Summer Lacrosse Tournament

Per NCAA Rules this event is open to all participants and is restricted only by age of the participant. 

Boys Lacrosse Tournament for Lacrosse Clubs and Towns

Bulldog Brawl

2027, 2026, 2025, 2024, 2023 – $1495

2022, 2021, 2020 – $1995

If you are interested in this event, please email [email protected] for more information. 

Please CLICK HERE to place a deposit of $500. Spots are reserved ONLY by deposit.

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