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Which Program Should I Choose?

Which PrimeTime Lacrosse Program Should I choose?

PrimeTime Lacrosse offers the best lacrosse clinics, camps and programs throughout the year. See below which program would be the best fit for all player!

BEGINNER – Learn2Lax

Learn2Lax – Ages 4-7, no prior lacrosse experience required

How do I get my son or daughter started with lacrosse if they have never played before, or they are too young for other programs? It is a question we get ALL THE TIME here at PrimeTime Lacrosse, and we have the answers!

Learn2Lax is an opportunity for beginners for those with a year of experience from ages 4-7 to try lacrosse in a fun, supportive, confidence-building environment with our experienced PrimeTime Lacrosse staff! No equipment is necessary, just bring a stick and come ready to have a BLAST learning how to play the great sport of lacrosse and make some new friends doing it!

BOYS: Learn2Lax

GIRLS: Learn2Lax

INTERMEDIATE – Development Series Summer Camps / Vacation Clinics / Rising Laxers

Ages 7-16, minimum 1-2 years lacrosse experience strongly recommended

The Development programs focus on further enhancing the fundamental skills of lacrosse in a fun, upbeat environment. Catching, throwing, ground balls and shooting will all be covered to give players a strong knowledge base and work toward building on strategic game concepts through small sided games and drills. All sessions will give players multiple repetitions of each movement to further develop lacrosse skills. Helmet and gloves are required for Rising Laxers programs, and full equipment is required for Vacation Clinics and Development Series Summer Camps.

BOYS: Development Series Summer Camps | Vacation Clinics | Rising Laxers | Nantucket Lacrosse Festival (3 v 3 Lacrosse Tournament)

GIRLS: Development Series Summer Camps | Vacation Clinics | Rising LaxersNantucket Lacrosse Festival (3 v 3 Lacrosse Tournament)


ADVANCED – Elite Series Camps

HS Graduating Class of 2018-2024, minimum 2-3 years lacrosse experience and coaches recommendation

Our Elite Camps are engineered for the experienced youth player looking to elevate his game to the next level and prepare for an impactful high school career and beyond. These programs require prior participating in a PrimeTime Lacrosse event or a recommendation from a coach.

These programs offer the best of the best of PrimeTime coaching expertise, and the majority of these programs are led by current NCAA coaches offering an insight into level of training necessary to become an impactful player at the high school level and beyond.

BOYS: Vacation Clinics | Elite Series Summer Camp at Babson College | Ultimate Team Camp Experience at Lake George

 February Vacation Lacrosse Clinic